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Chris Whitehouse was born and grew up near Chicago where, from his early teens, he took up a keen interest in 3D photography. He spent many hours with a replica Victorian stereoscope and a collection of reproduction stereo cards. His first 3D camera was an old Stereo Realist film camera that was very difficult to use, but did take very nice images. 

After university, where he studied political science and Thai language, he got on the first plane to Thailand where he spent several years at a seaside town teaching English at the local university.  

He has since spent most of his years in Hong Kong where he made toys and video games and cameras, while making time for his hobby of the restoration and coloring of historic images, both 2D and 3D.

You can see his restoration and coloring of old sports images at his Facebook page ManCave Pictures. And you can see more of his 3D images at his Phereo page.

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