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  • Daniel Janka
  • December 11, 2015
  • Indonesia, Asia
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About this collection

It's hard to find a country so incredibly beautiful, rich in natural wonders and yet so incredibly vulnerable. Developed countries are slowly learning to protect their natural resources, while in Indonesia, the reality is different, often determined only by the economic aspect. Despite this fact, this country has vast areas that are not yet completely destroyed by civilization. One of the reasons for that is geography as most of the Indonesian islands are covered with volcanoes and mountain ranges. Also, they say there is more than 14,000 of these islands. I have visited some of them, and my collection contains pictures from a number of very interesting spots. 

Bali – a Hindu enclave in the Muslim Indonesia, a country of many temples and beautiful beaches, but also of a wonderful sea life. However, I didn't stay here for long and made my way to the island of Flores. Here, I visited one of the most intriguing places of my trip: a mountain village Wae Rebo. Access to this village isn't easy - the last part of the journey is in fact nothing but a trail leading through the jungle, so the whole area is very impressive. 

Sumatra – one of the two places in the world where one can see and observe creatures such as orangutans. Incredible animals as well as an incredible experience to be able to watch them in their natural habitat while trekking in the jungle.

Sumatra, that's not only kilometers of jungle, but also Batac villages. These cannibals, much feared in the past, live mainly at Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake on Earth, in the middle of which lies the island of Samosir. 

My last stop were the Mentawai Islands – the largest of them is called Siberut, and that's where I was headed. Until recently, it was a place of no economic interest, now it has become one of the areas that will soon be covered by oil palm plantations: a process leading to a continuous disappearance of Indonesian rainforests, the home of a diverse wildlife, giving way to a monoculture of palms. Hopefully, such a fate will avoid Mentawai Islands where some people still live an uncorrupted indigenous life and their main concern is the provision of daily necessities instead of collecting useless possessions. 

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About the author

Daniel Janka

Daniel Janka

Born in 1980 in the city of Pilsen, the Czech Republic. It's also where I live, where I work, and where my travels to various parts of the world always begin. To this date, I've visited and traveled more than 40 countries. I certainly wouldn't claim that I'm a photographer, but rather an athlete,...

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Daniel Janka
Daniel Janka

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