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Space in Depth  

If you know anything about space, you know that it is big. Very, very, very big. And far away! Everything is so far away! Now this poses a problem for 3D, because everything is so far away that the distance between your eyes makes no difference at all in what you are seeing. And unless you are standing on the surface of a planet or moon, or in the rings of a gas giant, you will have no depth perception at all. Looking at the night sky, all the stars seem to be the same distance away. But in reality, they are from four to many thousands of light years away. Wouldn't it be nice if you could sense this depth? 

That's where the computer comes in. With a computer you can plot the locations of the stars and planets and galaxies. You can then render left and right images with a very large degree of separation. The human inter-eye distance on the surface of a planet, or many thousands of light years separation when you are looking at a galaxy. This gives you the amazing depth perception in space that you see here, and allows for a much more interesting perspective on the universe. 

About the author

Chris Whitehouse

Chris Whitehouse

Chris Whitehouse was born and grew up near Chicago where, from his early teens, he took up a keen interest in 3D photography. He spent many hours with a replica Victorian stereoscope and a collection of reproduction stereo cards. His first 3D camera was an old Stereo Realist film camera that was very difficult to use, but did take very nice images. 

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Chris Whitehouse
Chris Whitehouse

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