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This collection contains a compelling combination of the opposite ends of the world's most vast country, the Russian Federation. You can enjoy the contrast between its western corner, the Far East and their two gems: St. Petersburg and Kamchatka. 

Petersburg is one of the largest cities in Russia, it is often called its second capital. The city is known for its distinctive architecture, although there is often gloomy and inhospitable weather due to cold winds from the Baltic Sea. 

The climate of the Kamchatka Peninsula is also quite severe. In this area, snow usually falls in October and does not melt until May. I traveled Kamchatka in winter and before that also in September, during the so-called golden autumn. In this time, the Kamchatkan tundra has bright yellow and red colors. 

If St. Petersburg is the center of civilization and culture, then Kamchatka is a wildlife paradise. It is a land of wild animals and volcanoes. Many of the volcanoes are active. Conditions for traveling are a little extreme here: there are almost no roads, and no cell phone signal. But this fact allows you to plunge into the sheer beauty of the local virgin nature.

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Serge N. Kozintsev

Serge N. Kozintsev

My name is Serge and I am a photographer based in Моscow, Russia. I have a variety of interests: horseback riding, dancing at balls, sailing on tall ships. During my travels, I visited various corners of Europe, Asia and Africa. I photographed wildlife in Uganda, volcanic gases rising from the craters of volcano...

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