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  • Lenka Fialova
  • November 27, 2015
  • Spain, Europe
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About this collection

A photogenic mountainous country manifesting its volcanic past and future: the specific geography of las Islas Canarias or the Canary Islands invites you to immortalise their landscape in three dimensions. This collection focuses on Gran Canaria, the third largest island of the tempting archipelago comprising seven main islands and several smaller islands, each of which has its own character. Although it belongs to the territory of Spain, like the other Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has its autonomy. And where did this somewhat misleading name come from? It's not about any population of canaries, it's about a mythical protective function of the islands - legend has it that in the distant past, the islands were guarded by giant dogs, and the word "dog" corresponds to the Latin word "canis". 

But this isn't, by far, the only particularity of this popular tourist destination. The capital Las Palmas located on the island of Gran Canaria doesn't keep its status continuously - every four years, it alternates with Santa Cruz, which is located on the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. Las Palmas is a picturesque city whose characteristic colored buildings are a delight for both your eyes and the lenses of a 3D camera.

Another place that we decided to explore is the port of Mogan which can once again be distinguished by its unmistakable buildings - every city that we visited on the island has a distinctive and easily recognizable architectural style which is well-emphasized in the captured images. Mogan is also associated with the Great Britain in a metaphoric kind of way, in particular with its cult band the Beatles and one of their songs "Yellow Submarine". It could have been an inspiration for "El Submarino Amarillo', a yellow submarine berthed in the port of Mogan carrying its passengers to to see a wreck at the bottom of the sea near the shore.

The name of the town of Terror that's situated inland doesn't really match its innocent appearance which is defined by its typical feature: bright white houses with wooden balconies.

If you go south, the ideal place to spend a quiet, yet extraordinary day at sea is the Maspalomas beach. Unlike lots of beaches here which are often filled by black volcanic sand, this part of the Canarian coast can take pride in massive sand dunes that create impression of a mini Sahara. However, when you have enough of this small piece of desert, nothing prevents you from cooling off in the waves of the North Atlantic.

It's definitely worth it to enjoy the Canaries until the Pico de Teide, the highest mountain of Spain and a dormant volcano on the island of Tenerife, begins to belch lava - but even then the beauty of the island of Gran Canaria will be here, waiting to be admired through this collection. 

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Lenka Fialova

Lenka Fialova

Since I was little, I have been into learning various art techniques, that's why I studied the ceramics school in Bechyne. After that I moved from southern Bohemia to Prague, where I began to teach my students to see and create beautiful things. Pottery, lampworking, painting on silk ... Photography is another technique to convey positive feelings and ...

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