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We came to China from the state of Myanmar via the overland crossing Muse–Ruili (two cities, the first of which is situated in the territory of Myanmar, the former Burma, and the second lies within Chinese borders). This transition has been open to public only since the early 2015, and even today, you must have a special permission from the Burmese authorities. On the Chinese side, numerous police patrols are lurking by the roads. The police are very arrogant: without saying a word, they check not only your luggage, but also your personal items. The biggest problem, perhaps, is their inability to communicate. It's virtually impossible to find someone who would know, at least, the basic English vocabulary (words like bank, taxi, bus, for instance). For this reason, we also happened, after many hours on a bus, to find ourselves in a city completely different from the one we had set out to ... 

The Dali City and Lijiang are popular, but they are mainly visited by domestic tourists. In the course of the infamous Cultural Revolution that was triggered in order to strengthen the position of Mao Zedong, many old historical monuments were razed to the ground, and the monastery complex of Three Pagodas was no exception. In addition to the original big pagodas, most of the complex was built as a replica, with roofs made of ceramic or plastic tiles, etc. Fortunately, Lijiang managed to preserve its old town, most of the buildings are now used as tourist shops, restaurants, or guesthouses. 

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Vladimir Pavlovic

Vladimir Pavlovic

My name is Vladimir Pavlovic, I'm 55 years old and I work in the field of information technology. I prefer individual traveling - along with my friends, we've discovered about 60 countries around the world so far. The people and also the atmosphere of the places I visit is what interests me the most when it comes to traveling. It's definitely n...

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