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  • Radomir Gregor
  • January 30, 2016
  • Cyprus, Europe
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North Cyprus is the northeast part of the island. Cyprus is an interesting country where you can pay with the Turkish lyre (but also with the euro) and where tourists can still find a quiet stretch of beach. I was surprised by the quite high standard of living. The streets are full of young people, beautiful cars and pretty houses.

After the division of Cyprus, the Christians moved to the southern part of the island, so the old orthodox churches have been in a slow process of deterioration ever since - which is a shame. I'm glad I visited this country, I liked being there.

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Radomir Gregor

Radomir Gregor

I was born in Hodonin, a South Moravian town in the Czech Republic in 1960. I finished my studies after graduation. In 1985, I emigrated to Austria, and I’ve been running a business here for 10 years now. Photography has been a hobby of mine for about 7 years. In 2012, I bought a new TV with 3D capabilities. About a month later, it was followed by a F...

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Radomir Gregor
Radomir Gregor

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