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Jakub Ludvik is a leading Czech photographer. He came to the fore by his celebrity portraits including sports stars. His photographs can often be seen in magazines, on album covers, but also in advertising campaigns. Most of our celebrities and politicians consider it necessary to have their portraits made by him.

The king of light appreciates equality: anyone who takes photographs knows how important the light is for the final shot. The light creates the image and determines its style, shadows, warmth, luster, ... Therefore, understanding the properties of light and their use is important for the creation of highquality photos. Jakub Ludvik has learnt to understand light, and that is why his pictures rank among the best ones in their category. 

"For years, I've been working on my technique and I'm trying to achieve new levels of perfection in my job. Today, I have a collection of photos that are unique and all the more valuable in the light of the fact that there is no opportunity to retake them. I photographed such bards as Vlastimil Brodsky, Stella Zazvorkova, Svatopluk Benes, Zita Kabatova and many others. And I'll never stop being grateful to them for the couple of hours they dedicated to me, and thus made it possible for the photographs to see the light of the world. They are incredible treasures," says the photographer. 

The quality of Jakub Ludvik's work is also demonstrated by the fact that it became the subject of the Zdenek Zelenka's documentary called "Jakub Ludvik: The photographer of human souls." 

Jakub Ludvik is associated mainly with celebrities and captures a variety of our public life figures. 

His another nickname is "the most well-known photographer of familiar faces". Even though his work is often crushed by experts' uncompromising criticism, the photographed celebrities are extremely satisfied with the results of his work and place their portraits on covers of books, magazines and theater programs. Jakub Ludvik is, above all, a peculiar human being with totally distinctive views on people, society, politics, and, in particular, the Czech show business world - his work environment. Just as often, he spends time in the world of modeling: in the land of women. His relationship towards this world is, in his forties, very hearty. The sure thing is that Jakub Ludvik knows lots of interesting people in our small pond, from the sponsors from the world of casinos to senior politicians. 

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