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I'm no avid photographer. With some exceptions, I only take photos when I'm on the road. I prefer photographing nature and landscapes, especially in the mountains, from the top of observation towers or observation posts. I somehow forgot to come to like selfies. I took my first few pics in the eighties in the Balkan Mountains. The color photograph was a kind of luxury back then, so I, like many other tourists, worked mainly with slides instead of negatives. Of course, with the expansion of the digital technology, I wanted to be up to date so I went to buy a digital camera. I've never published my photos in any way nor have I exhibited them in public.

I'm no avid traveler. In the Czech Republic, I have visited lots of places but as for the trips beyond borders, I've been doing them justice only within a limited time frame of annual leave (well, except for a few business trips and short weekend and day trips to neighboring countries). And, certainly, I haven't been able to go every year. I'm different from the "real" travelers. The main difference is, apart from the number of countries and places visited, the fact that they actively recognize not only the landscape, the cities and the nature, but also the lives of local people, their culture and history on their travels.

I can, therefore, be called neither a photographer nor a traveler. I'm simply a tourist. I first encountered the 3D photos in 2012 when I was on holiday with Peter, the initiator of the Amazing 3D world project. I saw the 3D camera and also the 3D video camera for the very first time on this occasion. 

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