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Photography has always fascinated me, mainly its ability to capture the fleeting atmosphere of the moment which will never occur again. I have a constant tendency to capture moments that are worth it - the memory of my cellphone is filled with such moments with friends - I got them at various festivals, concerts and other events that are indispensable to me. I also like to take pictures of seemingly ordinary moments and familiar places in the Czech Republic so that I can bring them to my mind whenever I want to, and be able to pass on their unique vibe.

For me, photography has always had a strong association with the idea of traveling: you go somewhere, to places you've never set foot in, and you define your view of them through a few (hundred, thousand...) images. I travel to different destinations and in different ways. I get to know many memorable places within my nearly-yearly traditional tours around well-known European destinations: Paris, Rome, London, Tuscany, the French Riviera... I always bring back a large number of images, and I've eventually found out that those which are the most valuable to me aren't the "mandatory" pics of tourist attractions, but those by which I managed to get hold of bits and pieces of lives of people incorporated in the context of the place they call home. The very best images, however, come to life during journeys I make somehow on my own, such as my dream come true: the road trip across the United States in the summer of 2014. On the road, I had the opportunity to meet dozens of people, places, towns and states in the simplest way there is - we talked about things that came to our minds, and went where we wanted. The same goes for my study stay at the Université de Perpignan in southern France and for the month-long stay in Brighton, England that both gave me much more experience and opportunities to really get to know my surroundings than any travel agency ever could. The 3D photo gives a new dimension to the impressions of such places - literally. They are now here for you to discover.

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