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Most of the images are from a mountainous area of northern Vietnam near the Chinese border. Sa Pa town is the starting point both for wanderings through the surrounding villages and hikes to the highest peaks of Indochina. In the villages you come across people of indigenous tribes who like to offer their services as guides. During walking tours around the surrounding area, you can take joy in beautiful views of the valley and when the weather is decent, it is also possible to admire the sight of the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately, the development of tourism has had a negative impact here: hotel complexes are being built on the hills, and the highest peak Fan Si Pan will soon have a cable car.

The situation is even more striking in the Ha Long Bay. We visited it for the second time after fourteen years, and whereas back then the tourists were only foreigners, today it's mostly locals, and in much greater numbers.

The bay is crowded with ships that all carry tourists to the same destinations at the same time, so, very often, it is impossible to get from one place to another, however close they may be to each other.

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Vladimir Pavlovic

Vladimir Pavlovic

My name is Vladimir Pavlovic, I'm 55 years old and I work in the field of information technology. I prefer individual traveling - along with my friends, we've discovered about 60 countries around the world so far. The people and also the atmosphere of the places I visit is what interests me the most when it comes to traveling. It's definitely n...

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