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In 1994, I traded a promising career in a multinational company for freedom and uncertainty of traveling. This change was accompanied by the craziest travel decisions.

At first, I traveled by myself - I used to hitchhike or to drive a 1968 veteran CZ 175 - this way, I spent three months on the west coast of Norway in July 1995. That's how much I liked the interaction with locals, which, otherwise, I wouldn't have a chance to experience. After several trips across Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Norway, I was drawn further beyond the boundless horizon. In 1998, I visited New Zealand according to my yearly tradition, then my fondness for diving led me to the Mexican state of Yucatán and to Florida's Key West. For four seasons, winter sports kept me in Colorado. 

My mosaic of countries was a great fit for Costa Rica where I stayed for two years, until 2008. Latin America has become my passion for its inexhaustible variety of colors, shades, smells and other impressions. Countries such as Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela and Brazil simply offered themselves. I liked the volcanic Hawaiian Islands for their rough beauty. 

As an active outdoor guide (expeditions, whitewater rafting, mountains, bike), I couldn't keep my experiences to myself. Over the years, I have been seized by an insistent desire to share my experiences from trips, so besides going on my trips, I started to organize meetings, I was invited to a radio interview and I hosted several solo photography exhibitions. 

Every photo has its own story, and when it's capable of telling it, it gains more information value. A good picture arises from the photographer's mind only with the perfect combination of mood, lighting, techniques and skills. 

I have a secret and perhaps immodest wish to inspire you to visit the places from my collections - be it in person or only virtually. 

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