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*1969 Brno

I graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology and after having worked in the field for a little while, I started living by professional photography, digital image processing and creation of large format photo prints.

Stereoscopic photographs have already fascinated me back in the 70s when, as a kid, I found a box of stereoscopic images with a metal stereoscope in a dusty closet in the attic. The images were probably meant for the soldiers of Wehrmacht as a part of a political advertising campaign for the expanding Hitler's Reich.

However, it wasn’t until 1994 that I photographed my first 3D images for stereo vision exposition of the technical museum in Brno. My analogue slide show "Moravian Karst" captured the subterranean cave world of this area.

The stereo photographs of my home country have been gradually joined by pictures from Asia and South America with caves as their main theme.

Since 2002, I’ve been organizing a number of speleological expeditions into the sandstone karst of the Venezuelan mesas. The aerial stereoscopic imaging of the mountain surface permits to detect many karst phenomena. Also, we have often used my stereoscopic images to determine access routes to the entrances and abysses in the rugged terrain of rock towns covered by jungle.

The result of these expeditions are the discoveries of the longest sandstone caves in the world: Crystal Eyes (Cueva Ojos de Cristal situated on Roraima Tepui) with the length of 8.2 km and the 17.8 km Cueva Brewer in the Chimantá Massif.

Photos of this unique underground system appeared in numerous professional publications and books. The most famous ones are The Gates to the Lost World (published in Czech, 2008) and Entraňas del Mundo Perdido (published in Spanish, 2009).

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