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  • Jaroslav Karpisek
  • February 13, 2016
  • Czech Republic, Europe
  • 40x MPO, 40x JPEG, 0x video
  • Sony Alpha α5000 3D rig

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Freestyle Wrestling Pilsen - February 13, 2016

Every year, the city of Pilsen welcomes the participants of the Pilsen Grand Prix International Tournament in Freestyle Wrestling on its three mats. The demanding character of this sport consists in the necessity to use strength, speed, agility and tactical thinking in every possible way. The event in question was attended by Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Serbia and last but not least, the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic’s TJ Slavoj Pilsen was the winner of this tournament consisting of contests where wrestlers fight using various techniques and moves. If there is any way to capture the warlike atmosphere and the depth of experience of this event, I believe that 3D cameras are certainly capable of describing it with great accuracy of both moves and feelings. Wrestling is one of the founding sports of the Olympics - and this fact is definitely not without importance.

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Jaroslav Karpisek

Jaroslav Karpisek

Hi everyone and welcome to my profile! The very fact that you're here means something! It means, at least, that you’ve seen some of my work, and I thank you for that. I belong among those who enjoy almost everything they do :) You too can enjoy the fruits of my passions! I’ve been interested in p...

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Jaroslav Karpisek
Jaroslav Karpisek

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