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  • Miroslav Hlavsa
  • January 12, 2016
  • Italy, Europe
  • 40x MPO, 40x JPEG, 0x video

About this collection

The majestic center of the ancient and the papal world, an almost impregnable fortress infamous for the most insidious political schemes, but also a place to live - both in utter luxury and in shocking poverty.

You are looking at a 3D collection that offers you a close look at the center of ancient Rome whose unique atmosphere - similarly to that of Paris - attracts practically everyone. It is a veritable must-see - you must see Rome at least once in your lifetime. The impressive walls of the Coliseum are towering a stone's throw from the remains of the Roman Forum, the arch symbolizing a military victory of the Emperor Constantine, the megalomaniac ruins of the palace built for the Emperor Nero, and other buildings conveying the glorious atmosphere of the times that are long gone.

You know what they say: all roads lead to Rome - and this collection is one of them.

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About the author

Miroslav Hlavsa

Miroslav Hlavsa

I was born in Pilsen and except for a thirteen-year period when I was living with my parents in a village nearby, I still live and work there. Traveling is one of my biggest hobbies, and photography is a natural part of it - so that man can recall what he had seen. I don’t take photos so often in everyday life, but once I head out on the road, a get i...

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Miroslav Hlavsa
Miroslav Hlavsa

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