About Amazing 3D World

A truly faithful reproduction of the world around us can only be created by three-dimensional photography. And still, there is very few people who encountered it. It is basically an unknown concept.

A group of enthusiasts from the Czech Republic have decided to change this unnatural state. The combination of the maturity's experience with the enthusiasm of youth created a formation called Amazing 3D World. Its basic pillar is a website that provides three-dimensional perspective of our planet Earth and its inhabitants in their great diversity of life, with a view of both its heritage and its present existence. A number of people have been captivated by this unique project. They are travelling the world at this very moment, taking 3D photos with a goal to provide you with the view of the world as they really see it themselves: in three dimensions and accompanied by a story that can't be told by anybody but them.

Millions of households worldwide are equipped with the latest 3D TVs. Some of the largest manufacturers of display technologies have invested billions of dollars in their development. Every day, there are tens of thousands of new 3D TV owners around the world who invest considerable sums in their devices. Is any of them aware that their new 3D TV enables them to view three-dimensional images? NOPE. And that's what the Amazing 3D World project aims to change for good: it plans to offer the owners of 3D TVs a full and realistic view of our three-dimensional world. Never before in the history of mankind was it possible to see the world and its inhabitants in a way as realistic in all their splendor and genuineness, showing both their accomplishments and their issues. You have this chance now.

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