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The three-dimensional photography has been fascinating me for a long time now. During my studies at university, I submerged myself in stereoscopy. It was in the early 80s of the 20th century. My currenct co-workers in the Amazing 3D World project weren't even born at that time. I placed an ad and I got a Belplasca film camera with two lenses, which was produced by the Carl Zeiss company. The threedimensional (spatial) photo was then called stereoscopic, a name that came from Russian. Today, the most common designation is "a 3D photo". 

In today's world of digital cameras it was clear that the market would come up with a two-lens camera. It was first presented by a Japanese company called Fujifilm. I bought it just before Christmas in 2011, and I used it for the first time in the United Arab Emirates a few days later. In the subsequent years, it accompanied me to Alaska, Yukon, Madeira, Tenerife,... I've taken thousands of photos so far and the impressions they leave me with me continue to amaze me. I'd like to share these wonderful experiences with people from all over the world. That's why I created this project. 

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