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Over the years, I've been seized by an ever-growing desire to share my personal travel experiences. When I first began traveling, I mostly kept my adventures to myself or shared them only with close friends and family. After almost ten years of exploring many countries and meeting so many interesting people, I began to organize my photographs and stories into travel lectures. Soon, my lectures have grown into several magazine articles and I have recently published my second travel book.

In the beginning I used a Panasonic Lumix mainly to record memories of my trips. In the last few years, my interest and passion for photography has grown and I am now enjoying the artistic and technical improvements I can make using a Nikon Digital SLR.

As a photographer, I still feel like a novice but I have been fortunate to meet and work with some brilliant photographers such as Rikki Cooke, Debbie Delatour, Theresa Airey and Jiří Dvorský. Thanks to their help I have gained experience and much practical knowledge to improve my photographs.

I  believe that what makes a splendid photo is more than just equipment and technical knowledge. A good photo is born inside the photographer’s mind where the envisioning process takes place, where light and composition come together to evoke strong emotions. One can take a gorgeous photo of great strength and spirit even with the simplest camera. Another key ingredient is being in the right place at the right time to experience and record powerful moments.

I have traveled to over ten different countries. In some of them I have spent several months or even several years. Traveling has given me the best education ever. It really is the most interesting and enlightening school of life. When you immerse yourself in new places and cultures, you realize that there are other truths completely different from that of your own. During my journeys I have had the time and space to think about many things. What once may have seemed like insurmountable problems have often transformed into trivialities when seen from a new perspective. 

What I find most fascinating about traveling is not only discovering interesting things and meeting wonderful people. It's, above all, having the opportunity to truly get to know one‘s own capabilities and limitations. I look forward  to "connecting the light“ among many people through my travels.

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