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  • Jakub Ludvik
  • January 21, 2016
  • Ecuador, South America
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About this collection

The story of this 3D collection with a touch of exclusivity is associated with an expedition into the heart of the Amazon rainforest in the state of Ecuador and a cruise on the famous eponymous river. A diverse team of people whose names can be often heard mainly in relation with the Czech show business experienced this unusual trip. "The King of Light", a well-known Czech photographer Jakub Ludvik, was the artistic leader of the expedition which was also attended by a professional fisherman and adventurer Jakub Vagner.

The aim of this journey was, in addition to a creation of an imaginative calendar, to get a unique material for this remarkable collection of 3D images. They will, thanks to the existence of the third dimension, allow you a glimpse into the very core of the South American continent. 3D photos that Jakub Ludvik managed to capture during the Amazon Expedition 2015 are covered by a veil of mystery typical for places that never have, and perhaps never will entirely open to their human visitors, but also the whimsical play of light and shadow created by the lush Amazonian vegetation on the water surface rippled by the boat.

The launching ceremony of the calendar which was made with the participation of the Czech model and Miss Eliska Buckova and the popular actress Ivana Jiresova was set to 03/12/2015. The whole event is backed by Bonver Group, whose co-owner Paul Kulajta also participated in this daring expedition into the unknown

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About the author

Jakub Ludvik

Jakub Ludvik

Jakub Ludvik is a leading Czech photographer. He came to the fore by his celebrity portraits including sports stars. His photographs can often be seen in magazines, on album covers, but also in advertising campaigns. Most of our celebrities and politicians consider it necessary to have their portraits made by him.

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Jakub Ludvik
Jakub Ludvik

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