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Last year I didn’t get to check out this picturesque spot, so I decided to go on a trip there with my friends and my girlfriend. A year before that I went on a holiday with a travel agency. The freedom of movement was something I missed there. They took us to our hotel and that was it.

This was probably the reason why we decided to go and see the Plitvice Lakes. The journey was long, but it was fun. In all, it took three days and two nights. We spent the first night in a beautiful guesthouse, but as nice as it was, it was impossible to compare it to sleeping on the beach the next evening. We bathed and then we had dinner on a reef near the beach, it was amazing. We stayed until late and talked about many things. After we returned, we had another talk about the universe and the way it works. I was in the role of a storyteller.

The lakes themselves are really worth a visit. It’s a lovely place with a great level of preservation of nature and maintenance. Lots of people, lots of cars and, surprisingly, lots of parking spaces. Unfortunately (on second thought, maybe it is a good thing), there’s a bathing ban that applies to the whole park. We spotted several people who, apparently, had gone for a dip (they were all wearing swimsuits), as well as some security guys that were heading towards these swimmers at a quick pace. Well, the local crystal-clear water was very tempting. I highly recommend a visit, whether with a travel agent or on your own. I’ll be happy to go there again some time.

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Jaroslav Karpisek

Jaroslav Karpisek

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