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  • Jaroslav Karpisek
  • January 14, 2016
  • Czech Republic, Europe
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On October 17, in the year of grace 1345 (2015), a negotiation between certain members of the West Bohemian nobility was held at the fort Lsteni near the town of Domazlice. The selected noblemen were invited by Mr Ratmir IV of Svamberk to agree upon a mutual alliance and to form a coalition of lords, squires and yeomen of the Pilsen Region who are mutually committed to a common protection of their estate in case of an attack by enemy forces. 

The alliance of Ratmir of Svamberk with other nobles, especially with Habart of Lnare and Kasejovice (followed by Rous of Litice, Charles of Svarov and others) thus gave birth to The Pilsen Knightly Association. John of Luxembourg, a Czech king, was present at the main negotiation, having ratified the instituting act by his signature. During the negotiations there was a tournament followed by the knighting of Ota of Karizka in the presence of the monarch. 

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Jaroslav Karpisek

Jaroslav Karpisek

Hi everyone and welcome to my profile! The very fact that you're here means something! It means, at least, that you’ve seen some of my work, and I thank you for that. I belong among those who enjoy almost everything they do :) You too can enjoy the fruits of my passions! I’ve been interested in p...

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Jaroslav Karpisek
Jaroslav Karpisek

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