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  • Lenka Fialova
  • November 27, 2015
  • Czech Republic, Europe
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About this collection

If you ever happen to find yourselves near the town of Jicin in the Czech region of Hradec Kralove, be sure to visit this peace of land full of natural wonders and special rock shapes. Images in this collection contain everything that you could possibly want to see in this popular and frequently visited tourist destination. You can think of it as a great teaser that can take you straight into this remarkable area belonging to a nature reserve called Bohemian Paradise. 

The Prachov Rocks have been formed over time within a relatively small area of less than three square kilometers thanks to a gradual erosion, offering a unique environment with numerous sandstone towers, boulders and blocks as well as sharp needles, collapsed rocks giving out a silent warning, but also narrow passages, ravines and gorges. These can cause a slight sense of claustrophobia but stunning panoramas from various viewpoints present a great compensation for that.

Just before entering the rocky land, you can choose which of the two currently accessible scenic trails you will follow. This collection follows the green signs allowing you to see a number of sites that are worth visiting if you want to experience the true Prachov Rocks. 

Unforgettable moments from a trip to the Prachov Rocks definitely include the first-time visit of the Bohemian Paradise Viewpoint. From there, you can admire a wide panorama of rock needles; you should also try passing through a narrow gorge called the Imperial Hallway, or try to find the characteristic skyline of the Trosky ruins in the distance - it can be seen from the Peace Viewpoint. Peeping from behind the ruins, Jested, another significant hill, can be seen if you are looking from the right angle. The Hlahol Viewpoint is a place where, same as in this collection, you can rejoice in a nice view of the blue water of Jinolice ponds. Apart from the purely natural heritage, this area provides sights of a different kind. It is likely that, during your walk, you will notice a colored "stain" hanging on the rock wall. After taking a closer look, you will probably recognize a climber who decided to get to the top of one of the rock towers or massive sandstone blocks. Thanks to them, and thanks to their visitors, the Prachov Rocks will never become deserted. 

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Lenka Fialova

Lenka Fialova

Since I was little, I have been into learning various art techniques, that's why I studied the ceramics school in Bechyne. After that I moved from southern Bohemia to Prague, where I began to teach my students to see and create beautiful things. Pottery, lampworking, painting on silk ... Photography is another technique to convey positive feelings and ...

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