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  • Jaroslav Karpisek
  • January 22, 2016
  • Czech Republic, Europe
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About this collection

What do I like about those places? I like that they are part of a very photogenic location just outside the city center. A man can meet a lot of people there, and when he's holding two cameras, they are even interested in having a talk with him. 

Like this guy in his fifties that stopped  next to me on his bike and started a conversation... He wanted to know what I was shooting. And, because I'm curious by nature, I had some questions for him too - such as why he chose to ride a bike right there in the city, and not somewhere in the nature. Also, the other day at the same fountain, I took a photo of a super duck with a snot. I have it on my Jaro Karpo Facebook page. The duck really posed like a pro... I almost thought that it turned its head just for me. Well... it turned its head to look at the stone I threw. So what. 

After a while, some kind of a shabby Slovak came to me, so I was alert and ready to act. But he only wondered what I was taking photos of because he had never seen such a thing. He was shabby allright, but not homeless, that was my own prejudice, my mistake. 

It was bloody cold during my shooting, and even though it was actually one of the first test shootings with the new pair of cameras, I managed to get a lot of material that even made up a whole collection, which I originally didn't expect. I particularly liked the group of people sitting on the turf. I liked it so much that I asked those people if I could include them in my photo. To my surprise, the dudes weren't speaking Czech but English, so that little talk was like a two-hour work-out for me. They were probably from the North 'cause they were wearing pretty light clothes in that hell of a cold. I don't get it. Anyway, it was a nice autumn day. 

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Jaroslav Karpisek

Jaroslav Karpisek

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