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  • Jaromir Horsky
  • December 2, 2015
  • Australia, Australia and Oceania
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About this collection

This collection contains the following localities:

  • Australia, Queensland (north and east of Australia)

- port of Cairns and its surroundings
- Daintree National Park  

  • Australia, Northern Territory (central and northern Australia) 

- Red Centre
- Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
- Watarrka National Park - Kings Canyon  

Why we went there - our main goals:

  •  Queensland  

- the tropical rainforest
- snorkeling among corals on the Great Barrier Reef

  •  Northern Territory

- Uluru – a sandstone rock formation, one of the top symbols of Australia
- Kings Canyon
- the Australian desert

Tropical forest in the northeast of Australia and Red Centre 

Our first trip is to the Australia's tropical forest region on the east coast of northern Australia near Cairns.

The most genuine Australia can be found in the middle of the continent. We are getting there from Cairns by plane. We booked an overnight accommodation in three different locations, and we are using a car to get from one place to another. 

In Cairns, it was still dark by the time we got off the plane. We had a plan to take a little nap after checking into the hotel. The journey was long and you don't get much quality sleep on the plane. However, when we came into the room, we began to feel a kind of euphoria that we were really there, in the Antipodes. So we celebrated it by opening the only bottle of alcohol which we brought from our homeland, and our plan to get some rest was over. 

We visited a tourist village of Kuranda and the Daintree National Park, both in the tropical rainforest. The ship's captain on the Daintree River told us that we were seeing crocodiles, but I'm not sure I believed him, it didn't seem like that. As for the exotic non-European fauna, we encountered mostly birds. Parrots were everywhere, but they were well-camouflaged in the trees - in fact, they were much better heard than seen. In Cairns, we went on a snorkeling day trip by boat to admire corals on the Great Barrier Reef. However, the collection doesn't contain photos of the reef because my 3D camera can't breathe under water. 

After our arrival in the Red Centre, we came to understand the power of the sun in a permanently cloudless sky while traveling through a hot Australian desert. There's nothing to write regarding the Uluru monolith as practically everyone knows it. The path to the top was closed. The weather forecast reported a chance of rain and walking on the trails becomes dangerous when they get wet - that's why they closed them. Within the same national park, there's another natural attraction offering smaller, but much more numerous monoliths. A neighboring natural attraction - the Kings Canyon - lies only 300 kilometers from Uluru. It was even hotter there, but, as for my part, the sceneries were much nicer. And, after a hike among the rocks, we traveled the last part of our journey through the desert. Our flight to Melbourne was from Alice Springs, which was a long journey: over 450 kilometers. There, we only had time for a draft beer in the nearest pub. It was Australian and we liked it. Then, we started to prepare ourselves for another adventure - this time on the southern coast of Australia.

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