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I was born in Hodonin, a South Moravian town in the Czech Republic in 1960. I finished my studies after graduation. In 1985, I emigrated to Austria, and I’ve been running a business here for 10 years now. Photography has been a hobby of mine for about 7 years. In 2012, I bought a new TV with 3D capabilities. About a month later, it was followed by a Fuji 3D W3 camera. And so it began. 3D pictures charmed me in such a way that now, I’m dealing only with this kind of photography.

Later, I bought a Canon PowerShot S95 3D rig, and about a month ago, two SLR Canons EOS 1200D. I’ve always liked 3D photos with a wide stereo base, a so-called hyper stereo. I made a lot of photos with up to a ten-meter stereo base with Canon PowerShot. About two years ago, I realized that the same thing could be done from the air, so I bought a DJI Phantom Vision Plus drone. The results were a very pleasant surprise for me. They are serial photographs made in course of a side flight. Later, I pick the needed stereo base. Since the camera has a fixed-focus lens, the pictures are very sharp. There is a little problem with their editing because they are photographed at a wide angle of 140 degrees and they are quite curved. In addition, I must take pictures when there aren’t many people on the ground or in the surroundings, so I usually choose the mornings to do it.

I like taking pictures in the morning anyway, because at that time, the light is pleasant and good for taking photos. I focus on photographing mostly historical or natural objects.

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