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  • Lenka Fialova
  • November 4, 2015
  • Greece, Europe
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About this collection

During our stay on the Greek island of Rhodes, we were staying at Sentido Lindos Bay hotel in the city of Lindos in the south-east of the island, and we highly recommend it. The images in the collection offer a view of a breathtaking scenery of the Lindos coast, but they also let you look into narrow, hot streets with stone walls, flowers and small shops. It is necessary to deal with the heat on the way to Acropolis as well. It has a reputation of the most acclaimed monument of Lindos and its surrounding area which can boast its historical value: the remains of the buildings dedicated to the goddess Lindia date back to the second millennium BC. As a bonus, you can enjoy epic sea views after having walked up to the top. 

The eponymous capital of the Rhodes island breathes old world charm - we visited the exact spot where the legendary Colossus of Rhodes once stood. It had been created as an expression of gratitude of the residents of Rhodes to Helios, the Sun god. However, the Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake hundreds of years before Christ. The Fort of Saint Nicolas is a part of fortifications and it has been guarding the harbor since a long time ago. A city with an angelic name - Archangelos - is the second largest city of the island - this fact is slighly surprising as it covers an area of less than 1.5 square kilometers. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that there's nothing to see, on the contrary. You can get an unforgettable experience if you drive into the Valley of the Butterflies - the Petaloudes Valley in Greek - or spend the day in a little more active way at the waterpark in Faliraki. If we had to choose the most beautiful beach, the choice would be easy: thanks to its considerable broadness and its fine, golden sand, the Tsambika beach stands out above the rest. 

As you can see from all the above mentioned, Rhodes is a great holiday match for the lovers of historical monuments. From this point of view, we also recommend Monolithos Castle and Kritinia Castle which are located in two of the surrounding villages, both of which are well visible from a distance. The reason is their raised position that has always helped them withstand any kind of attack. The former was never captured, which confirms this premise. A stop at the archaeological site of the ancient settlement in Kamiros is something that shouldn't be missed when traveling around the island - the same way it's not missing in this collection. At the site, you can find not only a well-preserved amphitheater, temples and a fountain, but also an ancient Greek bath house that was indispensable at that time. If you close your eyes, you can still imagine the former glory of these once-mighty structures.

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Lenka Fialova

Lenka Fialova

Since I was little, I have been into learning various art techniques, that's why I studied the ceramics school in Bechyne. After that I moved from southern Bohemia to Prague, where I began to teach my students to see and create beautiful things. Pottery, lampworking, painting on silk ... Photography is another technique to convey positive feelings and ...

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