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  • Martin Gruber
  • January 8, 2016
  • China, Asia
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About this collection

Among other things, my job consists of business trips to different cities around the world. In 2014, me and my colleagues got to spend a week in the city of Hangzhou. It lies about 200 kilometers southwest of Shanghai whose airport was our gateway to Asia on this journey. Shanghai also welcomed us by a unique experience: a ride by the only commercially used train in the world: maglev (the name coming from the compound of "magnetic levitation"). On board of this high-speed train, the journey from the airport to the Hangzhou city center took less than an hour.

Sadly, due to our work commitments, we didn't have much time to travel around Hangzhou, but we couldn't miss a tour of West Lake. Following the example of locals, we went on a trip around the lake on borrowed bicycles with a few stops at interesting sights. The next day, we visited a zoo. After that, our day continued by an unplanned walk on a tea plantation and a hike up a nearby hill.

Our return flight was from Shangai, so we planned our return journey in a way that we could spend the whole day there. As one day isn't enough to get to know such a big city, we managed to explore at least the new and the old city center and we also went to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world: the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 meters). The evening elevator ride up the TV transmitter tower called Oriental Pearl Tower (also one of the tallest buildings in the world - 468 meters) accompanied by light effects was also an unforgettable experience. So was the incredible squeeze when were traveling to the airport by subway - this was our farewell to China. For now. 

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About the author

Martin Gruber

Martin Gruber

I'm not a photographer and I've never been really tempted by photography as a profession or a hobby, but thanks to my work, I sometimes get to go to interesting places around the world, and I also travel as much as possible in my free time. In my view, getting the know cities, nature and life in other countries enriches us and, what's more, gi...

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