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  • Anna Martinkova
  • December 1, 2015
  • New Zealand, Australia and Oceania
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Auckland - 11 to 13 January, 2013

Sky Tower, Mount Eden Domain, aquarium

11 January: Accommodation with magnificent views of the Pacific, tasting miso soup, sushi and algae, tour of the Sky Tower and taking photos in downtown Auckland.

12 January: A rich breakfast, a visit of marina, finding the first cache in the city center, an oyster lunch after visiting a fish shop, a climb of Mount Eden, a dormant volcano - a 360-degree view of the surrounding area, Sky Tower - a lift and a walkway with a glass floor.

13 January: Arrival in the Pacific harbor, visiting a marine aquarium with penguins and sharks, swimming in the Pacific, the Holy Trinity Cathedral and a church from 1860, a walk in the park at the memorial to the victims of war on the Domain hill. Another beach in the suburbs of Auckland, a pleasant swim in the Pacific. Leaving for Whangarei - about 160-kilometer drive, spending two nights in Whangarei, a stop in Puhoi, a Bohemian settlement - Czechs from Pilsen, a visit of the church and the library.

Whangarei - 13 to 15 January, 2013

Waipoua - kauri trees (4 Sisters), Ferry - a ferry ride, Cape Reinga - the lighthouse, Te Paki - dunes, Te Kao beach (the Pacific), Kawakawa - toilets

13 January: Arrival in Whangarei in the evening hours.

14 January: A trip from Whangarei to the New Zealand's north side along the West Coast: Waipoua - the visitor center, a viewpoint of four protected kauri trees nicknamed Four Sisters, the tallest of which is 51 meters tall and 14 meters wide. Crossing by ferry from Ferry to the northernmost promontory of Cape Reinga - the lighthouse and a gorgeous beach. A walk on the sand dunes of Te Paki on the way
back from Cape Reinga and a stop on a beach a short distance from Te Kao. Going back to Whangarei along the east coast with a stop at Kawakawa to enjoy its awesome restrooms.

15 January: A journey from Whangarei to the Coromandel Peninsula with a stop in Puhoi and Auckland.

Coromandel - 15 to 16 January, 2013

Coromandel - oysters, a narrow-gauge railway, Hahei - a walk on a beach (the main attractions - Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach), Katikati - graffiti, Te Puke - a kiwifruit orchard.

15 January: A stop in Themes, harvesting cache, tasting oysters and soup in an oyster paradise before the arrival in Coromandel, a ride on a narrow-gauge train in the mountains of Coromandel, oysters and Sauvignon for dinner.

16 January: Leaving Coromandel, travelling towards the east of the peninsula and to Rotorua along the southern coast. Viewpoints on the way, observing the changing vegetation. A stop in Hahei, a walk on the beach with a rocky arch called Cathedral Cove that allows you to pass under it. A visit of Hot Water Beach where hot springs fill pits in the sand at low tide (sadly, we missed the right moment). Graffiti on buildings in Katikati. A walk in the Kiwi fruit orchard in Te Puke and then an evening journey to Rotoura.

Rotorua - 16 to 17 January, 2013

Rotorua - a sheep farm, geothermal springs, a dancing Maori tribe, glowing worms

January 16: An evening arrival in Rotoura.

January 17: Rotorua - a shearing sheep performance on the sheep farm, a park showcasing geothermal phenomena - bubbling springs, a stop at a viewpoint, geocaching, an evening program with the Maori tribe - dancing, an evening reception, watching glowing worms in the forest in the company of the Maori who arrived by boats decorated in their tribal colors.

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Anna Martinkova

Anna Martinkova

I'm a headmistress of a grammar school in Ricany u Prahy,  In my spare time: traveling and photography, volleyball, beach volleyball, skating and skiing are the most preferred sports. Hobbies: singing with a guitar, wine tasting, chatting with friends. 

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