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The Salzkammergut region is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps. You can experience unforgettable moments during a hike on the south side of Dachstein, one of the Alpine peaks. Here, you can ride a cable car and, approximately halfway up the mountain, you will discover an extensive natural structure called Mammoth Cave (Mammuthöhle) and also the marvellous Ice Cave (Eishöhle), which are among the largest of their kind in Europe. The inside temperature usually drops to 32-41 degrees (°F). The Dachstein ridge can be admired from many perspectives. One of the possibilities is a viewing platform called 5 Fingers. This way, you can gaze at the Dachstein glacier and somewhere among the peaks you can also find the lake Hallstätter See. In 1997, the southern part of the Salzkammergut region surrounding Dachstein and Hallstatt was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

The Salzkammergut area comprises many beautiful lakes of glacial origin with clear water that are just waiting to be discovered. Attersee belongs among the largest of them, and its color that ranges from light blue to turquoise conveys a unique experience when swimming or boating. It covers an area of 46.7 square kilometers (the third largest lake in Austria) and reaches a maximum depth of 171 meters (it is also the third deepest lake that can be found in this country). It is located at an altitude of 467 meters. In the summer, the temperature of the water reaches 77 degrees. There is a waterfall to be found in its vicinity which leads to the gorge Burggrabenklamm. Here, visitors can experience firsthand the passage through gorges and through waterfalls. These are popular adrenalin adventures offered by many specialized local companies. 

The Liechtenstein Gorge (Liechtensteinklamm in German) is another fascinating gift of nature: a deep ravine situated just a couple of kilometers from the town of Sankt Johann im Pongau in the Austrian state of Salzburg. The gorge is about 4 kilometers long, but only 1 kilometer is open to visitors. Yet the kilometer is worth seeing. The canyon is up to 300 meters deep. It is only a few meters wide in certain places, you can see all that from secured wooden bridges. At the end, it offers a spectacular view of a big waterfall. In winter, the gorge is closed to the public, nonetheless, more than one hundred thousand visitors come to admire its beauties every year. 

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