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  • Lenka Fialova
  • January 29, 2016
  • Spain, Europe
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The view from the dormant volcano on the island of Tenerife whose last rampage dates back to 1709 is something that everyone should experience. Although its original name Pico del Teide means something like The Hell Mountain, the floating clouds that look like a soft blanket covering the surrounding landscape are more like heaven. But enough poetry. The Spain's highest mountain (3,718 meters to be exact) offers both a possibility of a panoramatic cable car ride and an ascent on foot. To climb the last part leading to the very top, you need a permit that's possible to get in advance. However, if you stay for the night at a local lodge called Refugio Altavista, no permit is necessary before 9 a.m., and as a bonus, at sunrise, you get a to see the majestic shadow of the mountain in a shape of a giant pyramid. 

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Lenka Fialova

Lenka Fialova

Since I was little, I have been into learning various art techniques, that's why I studied the ceramics school in Bechyne. After that I moved from southern Bohemia to Prague, where I began to teach my students to see and create beautiful things. Pottery, lampworking, painting on silk ... Photography is another technique to convey positive feelings and ...

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